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Written by Steven H. Howard, The Smuggler's Mask is an aviation adventure novel with a thread of romance woven in. This book will provide a great deal of entertainment for anyone who has an interest in subjects such as ancient tombs, grave robbers, death masks, hidden treasure, Mexico, Mexican haciendas, conquistadors, Aztec Indians, Teotihuacan, gold coins, love stories, airplanes, pilots, and smuggling. Take a look at The Smuggler's Mask front cover and synopis on this page, and read four selected excerpts on other pages which you can reach by clicking on the blue links below. If you like what you see, then near the bottom of this page, and at the bottom of each excerpt page, is another link that will lead you to a place where you can purchase The Smuggler's Mask.

The Smuggler's Mask

In The Smuggler's Mask, Milo Fry, an airline pilot injured in an airplane crash that killed his wife and ruined his career, returns to Mexico to search for an old smuggling partner who seems to have returned from the dead. Milo becomes entangled in a struggle between his former comrade and a powerful Mexican cartel chieftain over a golden death mask looted centuries ago from the tomb of a king who once ruled the ancient Mexico civilization of Teotihuacan. The battle for survival that follows provides Milo with reasons to live, love, and fly again.

The author, Steven Howard, is a retired airline captain living in California with his wife Maria of Jalisco, Mexico. The author has years of experience in Mexico, and he has flown many types of airplanes including hundreds of hours in the Beechcraft Super E18 featured in The Smuggler's Mask.

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